The Vote Counter has a dual role in the meeting: to collect and count vote for the contested events, and to collect and distribute notes for the speakers (or any other participant in the meeting to whom someone wants to give feedback).


The Vote Counter points out the Vote Cups placed on the tables to the participants in the meeting, and indicates that after each portion of the meeting, the votes will be collected and counted. Explain, too, the ballots set out on the tables with the agendas, and that members and visitors alike are asked to vote in the events and give comments to the speakers.  The Vote Counter does not vote for any of the events in the meeting, as his/her vote is the tie-breaker in the event of a tie.


The ribbons that Dallas Social Toastmasters give out every meeting are:

  1. Best Speaker
  2. Best Table Topic
  3. Best Evaluator
  4. Best of the Big 3 (Toastmaster, Table Topics Master, and General Evaluator)


The Vote Counter should put the recipient’s name, the date, and any pertinent information on the card attached to the ribbon, to help the recipient remember what the ribbon was for (the speech title or Table Topic, for instance). If the Vote Counter notices that a New Member has performed a duty for the first time, there are “First Timer” ribbons that may be handed out as well.


There is another ribbon, the Most Enthusiasm ribbon, that the General Evaluator is expected to give out every meeting. The Vote Counter may need to get the ribbons out of the supply box before the meeting starts.


The Vote Counter will be called upon at the end of the meeting to distribute the awards. It is preferable to move to the front of the room and make the award recipient move forward to receive their award and the applause that accompanies it.