Dallas Social Toastmasters - Tentative Schedule

2024-07-11 - 2024-08-01

If you know you will not be attending any specific date, or if you can attend but cannot fulfill your specified role,
please let the VP of Education know as soon as possible.

Meeting Roles 2024-07-11 2024-07-18 2024-07-25 2024-08-01 Meeting Roles
Toastmaster Alvin Kazachkov Anne Redelfs Tyler Madden John Vessels Toastmaster
Topic Master Mark Schroeder Tom Turicchi Kim Crandall Dagan Newland Topic Master
General Evaluator Lee King Lee King Faisal Said Angelica Perez General Evaluator
Speaker #1 Angelica Perez Alain Malenso Alain Malenso Tyler Madden Speaker #1
Speaker #2 Kim Crandall Karen Lee Alvin Kazachkov Tom Turicchi Speaker #2
Speaker #3 Mark Schroeder Anne Redelfs Mark Schroeder Speaker #3
Evaluator #1 John Vessels Tyler Madden Tom Turicchi Raj Salunke Evaluator #1
Evaluator #2 Karen Lee Lisa Mitchell Dagan Newland Faisal Said Evaluator #2
Evaluator #3 Kim Crandall Mark Schroeder Kim Crandall Evaluator #3
Ah Counter Lisa Mitchell John Vessels Gayle Marshall Anne Redelfs Ah Counter
Grammarian Gayle Marshall Dagan Newland Raj Salunke Gabriel Formenti Grammarian
Posture Monitor Tom Turicchi Gabriel Formenti Lee King Jahvan Innerarity Posture Monitor
Timer Gabriel Formenti Gayle Marshall Jahvan Innerarity Lee King Timer
Vote Counter Dagan Newland Ola Mustapha Angelica Perez Alvin Kazachkov Vote Counter
Invocation/Pledge Alvin Kazachkov Benjamin Marte Gabriel Formenti Alain Malenso Invocation/Pledge