Effective speaking is always accompanied with effective use of the English language. Many fine speeches have lost their major impact and effectiveness because of poor grammar and incorrect pronunciation of words by the Speaker.


As the Grammarian, you have an important responsibility in observing the grammar used during a meeting, and you will benefit considerably from this experience. Therefore, take this responsibility seriously, for the Grammarian’s importance is not fully realized by most Toastmasters.


Choose the Word of the Day. Generally, this is a word that many people may not be familiar with or are unsure of the proper usage of the word. The objective of the Word of the Day is to increase our vocabulary. Encourage members to use the Word of the Day throughout the meeting and make note of those that do.


Some factor to consider in your job as Grammarian:


1.         Record all errors – be sure to list each person responsible for each comment.


A.         Proper sentence construction, incomplete sentences, misplaced phrases and words.


B.         Improper verb tense, improper word usage – adjectives for adverbs, etc.


C.        Improper pronunciation of words – especially proper names.


2.         Deliver your report in a concise, constructive manner (2-minute limit). If any particular Toastmaster has a significant area of weakness, a constructive solution to overcome this area of concern is most important.


3.         Remember the Word of the Day - and stress its use!   This is a great avenue for building word power.