An important aspect of Toastmaster’s training is to encourage speakers to eliminate the use of "ah", "uh", "um" and unnecessarily long pauses. As the Ah-counter, you will take the primary role in helping Speakers reach this goal. Specific functions of the Ah-counter are as follows:


1.         After receiving the ah-horn or bell from the Sargent at Arms, state to the audience your objective described above and that you will honk the horn or ring the bell each time a speaker says "ah" or one of its derivatives. State also that at the end of each meeting you will report a count of the persons saying "ah".


2.         Hold the ah-horn or bell in your hand throughout the meeting so that you can quickly honk or ring every time a speaker says "ah".


3.         Do NOT honk or ring during the prepared speeches. Make note if any "ahs" were said and mention it during your report. Other than prepared speeches, the ah-horn should be used from the start of the meeting until the close of the meeting.


4.         Give your report when called upon by the General Evaluator.